Special project

The Color Experience Talk

Lamborghini — July 2020

After establishing the link between the colors of Urus and the personalities, we discussed it with four great color experts specializing in different areas in a talk conducted by Paolo Ferrarini. The result? A thorough analysis to explain what binds our character to the colors we choose and what kind of emotions we express, even unconsciously, when we choose a particular color.

The project was part of the 2020 Digital Design Week by Fuorisalone.it.




Deputy Executive Creative Director: Martino Lapini, Azeglio Bozzardi

Senior Art Director: Claudio La Ragione

Senior Copywriter: Paolo Marella

Account Executive: Eleonora D’Alfonso

Chief Digital Officer: Daniele Silvestri, Maurizio Arosio

Social Media Manager: Andrea Macrì

Community Manager: Beatrice Tellaroli

Producer: Alessandro Sardini

Production Company: Bedeschi Film